Rebels with a Cause advocates for the under-represented fashion lovers who are left out of mainstream fashion.

As an organization, our mission is to:

Provide adaptive clothing for those in need

Raise funds for needed medical devices

Create job opportunities for the disabled community

Raise awareness of different illnesses & disabilities, promote research & encourage early diagnosis

Build community & equity

Provide support & funding for those who require custom clothing solutions


At Rebels with a Cause Foundation, we are on a journey to help make fashion more inclusive by spreading awareness, educating audiences and building a community. Our foundation is dedicated to give a platform to the unheard voices in fashion. We want to share their stories and show the world how adaptive clothing can change people's lives.

As our foundation grows, we hope to bring together a community of fashion-lovers and accessibility advocates. It's time to make fashion accessible to all.


Rebels With A Cause Foundation is here for the under-represented fashion lovers of the world. The rebels are individuals who have never felt truly represented within the fashion industry; who crave inclusivity and accessibility for all body types.

These fashion rebels have never experienced a brand where they genuinely feel like they fit in. They are fashion lovers through and through, even though they are continuously disregarded by the industry that they love.

Adaptive Clothing HAS ARRIVED

Designers and brands have only just started tapping the surface of adaptive clothing design, and yet they are already seeing the mass market potential. According to Statista, the adaptive clothing market represents a market value of $300 billion (as of 2021), with a global growth outlook of 16% by 2024. In the U.S. specifically, Coresight Research estimates that the market will grow to $54.8 billion by 2023.

Adaptive clothing is designed for a growing customer market that has been vastly under-represented thus far in the fashion industry. They have been continuously invisible under the umbrella of disability and limited to shopping for clothes only from the medical perspective. The time has come for change.

We want to bring awareness not only to the concept of adaptive clothing but about the importance of supporting brands that not only design for function but also with style in mind for these individuals.

When it comes to adaptive clothing, style is just as important as function.

Style is a way that every person can express their individuality, and increase their self-esteem as well as their self-sufficiency. We're here for this movement and want to help bring change for these under-represented fashion lovers.

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make a difference?

You can help us tackle under-representation, and make adaptive clothing brands more easily available to those who need them most.